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As we reflect on our eighth year here at Skainos, we wanted to let you know how proud we are of the Turas community. Together we have studied the Irish language, made wonderful friends and had great craic. Looking towards the future, we feel confident that this close-knit community will continue to flourish.

However, a little help never hurts and so we have decided to share with you our  wish-list for 2018. This list highlights some of the behind-the-scenes costs associated with the many programmes offered by Turas.  Any contribution, however big or small, is always appreciated. 

If you would like to make a donation to Turas, you can either stop by our office in Skainos with cash or a cheque made out to Cairde Turas or you can click the donation button at the top of the page. Please let us know if you would like your donation to go towards anything in particular on our wish-list!

What Your Donation Means to Turas:

£5 - One pack of 4 whiteboard markers OR 1 flipchart pad (Séimhiú? Urú? Caol le caol agus leathan le leathan?! Learning how to spell all those complicated Irish words can be tricky!)

£10 - One Irish language book (Turas is expanding our two bookshelves into a fully-fledged library this spring!  We are so excited.)

£30 - Two weeks of biscuits (We love our custard, creams, coconut rings, jaffa cakes and more!)

£45 - A year long supply of hot chocolate and marshmallows for the Family Class (Those wee kids are at school all day and still come to Turas to learn some more.  Maith iad!)

£50 - One musician to march with us in the St Patrick's Day Parade (Turas has received a grant from the Belfast City Council to design a St. Patrick’s Day parade float. Now to show everyone just how much craic we have over on the Newtownards Road!)

£60 - 500 flyers to advertise for our Lá Bealtaine festival (We can't wait to celebrate the longer days, warmer weather and blooming flowers that accompany the beginning of summer.)

£75 - One new projector for outreach presentations (Did you know that Linda goes to 60+ schools, churches and community centres each year to talk about the history of the Irish language in Ulster?)

£90 - One ink cartridge (We print out song lyrics for our singing class every week. If you haven't heard their lovely voices yet, be sure to stop by Skainos at 6 pm on any Tuesday evening!)

£100 - One weekend-long Gaeltacht class (A trip to the Gaeltacht is a highlight for many of our learners. Even just a couple of days in Donegal can greatly improve language skills.)

£200 - One 90-minute Conn O'Neill bus tour (So that locals and tourists alike can learn about the Gaelic history of East Belfast. Gordon has read, researched, and written about the life of Conn O’Neill for TWO years to make this bus tour a reality!)